Personal Branding | James


James came into the studio for a personal branding session. This was his first time in my new studio but his third time in front of my lens. With plans to move to Colorado next month he wanted to update his professional images and capture some casual shots as well.


At the end of the session I asked James if he would indulge me as I attempted a quick experiment. He graciously agreed. I explained that one of my heroes is a photographer named Platon, who has a unique style of using a wide angle lens to exaggerate certain features in portraits. I wanted to try to replicate this style with James. Below is the result.


You may notice that his hands appear proportionately oversized compared to the rest of his body. This was the effect I was after, and it turned out to be my favorite image from the session. Before James left for Colorado I delivered a matted 7x10 print of this image as a going away present. He and his family loved it.


Photographs by Brian Weith