Luxury Portrait | Stherfane


Stherfane (pronounced Stephanie) was the second client shot in my new studio, with her session scheduled on the same day as my first client. She had mentioned that she was really into fashion, so together we planned out her dream photo shoot to showcase her style and beauty.


Vanessa was our makeup artist and hair stylist. We decided to start with a fairly natural look and then darken the lips and eyes a little later to get that fashion look.


Stherfane had the most impressive wardrobe ever brought to one of my photo shoots. If we’d had the time I would have shot her in a dozen outfits. They all worked so well for black and white.


Stherfane was a soft spoken young lady from Brazil without a ton of experience in front of a camera. Once she became comfortable, however, it was as if she transformed herself into a supermodel. Posing came very natural to her and it made my job a lot easier.


This was a really fun shoot and Stherfane loved the finished images. Since our session she has gone on and signed with a modeling agency, so we wish her all the best in the future.


Hair & Makeup by Vanessa Litberg

BTS by Brian Weith

Photographs by Brian Weith