New Home Studio


I am so pleased to announce that my new home studio is finally operational and open for business! Having done nearly all of the work myself, a ton of blood, sweat and tears have gone into this major renovation project over the last six months. This was a huge investment into my business.


The studio features dual beauty stations for hair and makeup, with dimmable light fixtures that are temperature balanced with the overhead house lights. Across the studio (not shown) is a private changing area with clothing hooks, a changing stool and an oversized full-length mirror. The shooting bay is painted white to avoid color casting, and it sports a backdrop system with support for three backdrops. I’m keeping this armed with white and thunder gray seamless paper rolls, while the third spot is reserved for my gorgeous hand-painted canvas backdrops. Below the backdrop system is a reveal wall where clients view their finished images.


The ceiling is eleven feet high, providing plenty of room to place lights overhead. There’s also an equipment closet that I built myself, storage cabinets, and a gas furnace for the wintertime. I can hardly believe that it’s done.

What an amazing feeling to have such an incredible space to provide the type of client experience that I have been dreaming of.


Photographs by Brian Weith

Brian WeithSTUDIO