Special Project | Kenya & Dia


A fashion stylist named Laura Narmon recently contacted me about a special project. She had some specific concepts in mind and wondered if I’d be willing to collaborate with her. Since I’ve been busy building my own studio and hadn’t shot for almost three months, this was a welcome opportunity for me. I just needed to find a space for the shoot. Fortunately, a photographer friend had picked up the remaining few months of the lease on the Studio Share location in Barrington, so we were able to use that space.


Tamara was our hair stylist and Rose was our makeup artist. For Kenya’s first look we styled her long, black hair with a wavy curl. Her makeup was soft with a dark eyeliner. Laura styled her with a white button-down shirt and a silver necklace. The contrast of Kenya’s black hair against her white shirt was perfect for black and white, but I provided color images as well.


For Kenya’s second look her hair was pulled back into a tight ponytail, and her makeup was enhanced as well. The fashion styling for this look was incredible, featuring metallic capris pants with some very trendy shoes. I went with a more commercial setup for this look including a white seamless backdrop. Laura wanted this image in color to showcase the styling and I agreed. The inset in the image below illustrates Kenya’s incredible transformation.


Dia was a perfect choice for this iconic concept of a stoic, African-American woman wearing an ethnic necklace. Dia had injured her left foot and was wearing a protective boot, but she was a real trooper as she hobbled around the studio. Fortunately, I only needed her to sit on a posing box and appear stoic.


Tamara primped Dia’s hair while Rose applied gorgeous makeup in shades of red, orange and brown. Laura wrapped Dia in a black, satin drape, which worked well for this look. I had originally envisioned this shot in black and white, but the color version works just as well because there is very little in frame to distract from the subject.


Everyone who contributed to this shoot was fantastic. I absolutely love working with such a capable team. For me this was a nice break from building my studio, and we got some wonderful images out of it.


Hair by Tamara Holden

Makeup by Rose Nobs

Styling by Laura Narmon

BTS By Ernesta Ignotaite

Photographs by Brian Weith