Test Shoots



A test shoot is a free, one-hour photo shoot in my Libertyville studio. We typically cover three standard looks for test shoots. These looks are designed to provide a balanced range of images to compliment any portfolio. Each look also offers a style option, giving you the ability to customize your session to suit your specific preferences.


Option A : Standard Portrait
A standard portrait is a medium head and shoulders shot suitable for composite cards and social media profiles.

Option B : Implied Portrait
An implied portrait shows no clothing in the frame, which is accomplished by wearing a strapless bra or an off-the-shoulder top, or whatever makes you most comfortable.


Option A : Natural Body Shot
A natural body shot is typically framed from above the knees wearing activewear, swimwear, or underwear.

Option B : Modest Body Shot
A modest body shot can be accomplished by wearing a tank top with shorts or skinny jeans, or something similar.


Option A : Commercial Fashion
A commercial fashion look is a clean, bright look showcasing the fashion as is typical in advertisements and catalogs.

Option B : Editorial Fashion
An editorial fashion look focuses less on the wardrobe and is more about the mood and vibe of the image.

Before Your Shoot
You are usually responsible for supplying your own wardrobe and accessories, so for each of the three looks simply choose a style and decide what you will wear. If you bring several options my team and I can help you make the final decisions on set. Wardrobe should be carefully transported on hangars to prevent wrinkles, but we do have a steamer in the studio for touch-ups. If your fingers or toes desperately need attention please treat yourself to a mani-pedi sometime before your shoot. Prior to your session I will send you a call sheet describing all of the details about the shoot including the call time, studio address, contact information and more.

During Your Shoot
Arrive early or on time wearing something comfortable and loose fitting. Bra straps and skinny jeans leave stubborn and unsightly indentations on your skin, so try to avoid wearing those before your shoot. Arrive with your face clean and your hair styled. You will spend about an hour with a makeup artist and then an hour shooting in the studio with me. Chaperones are always welcome, and complimentary drinks and snacks are available. We like to have fun, so my team and I will do everything we can to provide you with the best photo shoot experience ever! Models under 18 must be accompanied by a parent who will need to sign a model release.

After Your Shoot
Within a few days after your shoot you will receive access to an online preview gallery, where you will select one favorite image from each of the three looks. Your three favorite images will be professionally retouched and processed in color as well as black and white. I will provide you with square crops for Instagram and standard crops for your portfolio and other social networks. In total you will receive twelve full-resolution image files via a shared Dropbox folder. I generally try to deliver finished images within 15 to 30 days of receiving your selections. Behind-the-scenes coverage of your photo shoot experience may be available as well!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. I look forward to working with you!