"Brian is one of the best photographers I've ever worked with. He is the perfect balance of extremely professional and knowledgeable, yet inspiringly creative. Collaborating with him was so fun, natural and easy. He was very open to my ideas and together we created one of my favorite shoots to date.

As soon as I saw Brian's portfolio, I knew I had to work with him. He has definitely developed a personal photographic style unique to him and that is what made him so appealing to work with. I'm so excited for our next shoot together."

- Rae Carter
"Whether you are new to the industry or a seasoned pro, Brian will help you achieve the shots you want. He took his time while listening to my thoughts and ideas on our collaboration. Brian is a true professional, but the environment was laid back and fun at the same time."

- Mara Lynne
"Not only was Brian refreshingly professional with pre-planning for the shoot, he also had a bright and talented makeup artist on staff and ready to go. I felt very comfortable at all times, which is a relief when you know your feelings show on camera! When I received my images, I was amazed and so impressed. Brian's passion for photography truly shows in his work."

- Jesse Babbra

"Brian is exceptionally talented and professional to work with. His style of directing his shoots draws out his subjects' personality and makes working with him a fun and rewarding experience. What's more, is that the pictures he captures are absolutely eye-catching and jaw-dropping. I couldn't stop showing them off!"

- Evan Starkweather

"Brian is an amazing photographer who is very professional and has a wonderful sense of style. As much as I appreciate his business attitude, I definitely love his vision, very hip and edgy-street black and white style. I can't wait for the opportunity to work with him in the future."

- Saki Anderson
"I totally enjoyed working with Brian. He was very easy to work with - great communication setting up the shoot and during the shoot itself. The studio was a very comfortable and professional space, with a lot of space and light for hair / makeup / wardrobe. He was also amazingly fast and efficient, both during the shoot and in delivering the edited photos. Our shoot only lasted two hours and we did four wardrobe changes!"

- Claudine Tambuatco
"Brian is a true professional. Shooting with him was fun and engaging, and the work was top quality. I really appreciated Brian's willingness to talk through each shot with me, give helpful pointers, and work hard for the best angle, lighting, and mood. He is patient, diligent, and a great communicator. I would be happy to work again with him anytime, and the pictures speak for themselves!"

- Marcel Moran
"Working with Brian was such a special experience. As someone still gathering experience in front of the camera, Brian made me feel so comfortable and made the experience far less stressful and anxiety-inducing than I thought. Not only did he gently push me out of my comfort zone, but all of his prep work up until our shoot time was extremely professional, organized, and well-coordinated. I already knew I was in good hands before even stepping in front of the lights. Thank you, thank you, Brian, for the beautiful photos and wonderful experience!"

- Madeline Gross
"My photoshoot experience with Brian was excellent! Not only is his work amazing, he is an amazing person to work with. He made the whole experience fun but professional at the same time. Before the shoot, Brian explained the whole process to me and made sure to answer all of my questions that I had. Brian came up with 3 different looks for me and all turned out amazing. He made sure I was comfortable throughout the whole process and had fun. 

It was overall a wonderful experience and I'm thankful for being able to work with him. I recommend him to anyone wanting to get professional pictures done."

- Paulina Machaj
"I am so grateful for working with Brian. From the start, he was upfront, organized, made me feel comfortable, and gave me good direction on location. He was always open to hearing my ideas. We shot on a sunny yet very windy day, so he used the wind to his advantage, making it also a fun experience! His creativity, use of natural light, and intriguing perspectives was impactful in the photos which gave diversity to each shot.

I was very impressed with the final edits of the photos... there were plenty of interesting shots to choose from. I look forward to working with him again!"

- Maggie Mangaliag
"Brian is a super cool guy who understands that the photoshoot is a mutual relationship between the photographer and the model. Both of these people are artists. So, both have the passion to contribute artistic quality to the final product. Nothing is one-sided. Both artists are happy in their work. That's what makes the photo so beautiful. Brian definitely understands that.

What made his work so different than others is that he's the only photographer that brought out the true quality of my eyes in the photo. That's what makes me want to work with him again."

- Matt Griffin
"Brian wanted my input on the styling of the shoot, and that really put me in my element. I got some great shots for my portfolio, and on top of that, they were very 'me'."

- Ferrin McGinness
"It was a great experience working with Brian. We took many great photos in a cool, but professional setting. Overall I had a great time and would work with him again."

- Christina Kwon

“A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it.”
— Edward Steichen