Happy Memorial Day

 Photo: Robert Capa

Photo: Robert Capa

On this Memorial Day I thought I would share Robert Capa's photograph of the U.S. assault on Omaha Beach during the D-Day landings in Normandy, France, 1944.

It's blurry and grainy, but I think that serves to convey the sense of urgency and desperation and chaos that must have existed during this moment. Only the soldier in the foreground is clearly distinguishable and my eye is immediately drawn to him. I believe others exist in the background protecting themselves behind the barriers. We see what appears to be a ship in the distance at the top right corner. I find it amazing that the composition is so good given the conditions and the situation, with the soldier in the lower third and the horizon at the upper third.

Capa provided us with many powerful images from many wars, but this one has always stood out for me. Photographs like this one help me to remember and appreciate all those who have served and fallen for our country.

Happy Memorial Day.